Okay here it is! I’ve been thinking on what my 2019 word should be for over a month_edited.jpg

Hi there!

I am a busy momma of 5 kids. My days are filled with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, breaking up fights and doing my best to raise our babies! My survival tactic is coffee, essential oils, and a whole lot of Jesus! 

My husband and I have been married for 12 years! Getting married at 20 years old made us grow up together. It's been a fun and challenging adventure! 

My hobbies include gardening, DIY's, photography, reading and teaching about wellness! Let's face it though, the kids keep me so busy with homeschooling and activities, I barely have time to roll on oils and down the coffee!

I am a crunchy momma and passionate about reducing the amount of toxins our family is exposed to. One of our children has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which has led me to dig deeper for answers. I love to share the easy ways we have switched our household products to safer, cleaner options! 

Hope you enjoy popping in and come away inspired and encouraged to face whatever your day brings!